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 World History I

Course Expectations   (212))

 Textbook:  Ellis, Elizabeth Gaynor and Esler, Anthony World History: Connections To Today Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall (2001)

This course is designed to challenge students who intend to attend college..  The course of study for World History I covers human  progress from early times to the 18th century. 

 Content: A chronological narrative of world history from the earliest civilizations to the present,  the development of civilizations in different parts of the world; the integration of political and economic development; the influence of geography on cultures; the growth of science and technology; and the effect of contact between cultures.

*Major Goals:   The two year World History program can and should enhance a variety of student skills, including geographic skills, reading and communication skills.  However, history is valuable in helping students develop a range of analytical competencies that fall within the domain of critical thinking.  In particular, such a program should help students learn to:

1.        Use history to analyze events by isolating their separate geographic, political, economic, social, and cultural components and exploring the relationships among these components .

2.        Search for complex sets of causes to explain events and historical changes rather than accepting simplistic explanations.

3.        Critically assess and evaluate sources of historical or current information while being aware of biases, partisanship, and differing perspectives in themselves and others.

4.        Recognize and generate alternate explanations for past events and current social change while seeing both the need for and dangers of generalization.

5.        Compare and contrast similar developments in societies that are chronologically and /or geographically distinct while developing cross-cultural sensitivity and empathy.

[*source: Archdiocesan Social Studies Guidelines.]

Assignments are posted weekly  on


All students must maintain an " PORTFOLIO".

·          All written assignments are to be submitted in the  approved  PORTFOLIO. The portfolio should contain class notes, all written assignments, worksheets/Study Guides, signed test papers, website reviews, article reports, and whatever papers the teacher instructs students to keep in the portfolio. Assignments should be completed in ink or word processed. When a textbook assignment calls for answering questions, it is required that the question be written out in full.   A letter grade will be given for the “assignment portfolio’ toward the end of each marking quarter. Grading guidelines for the portfolio can be found at  Portfolios should be submitted in a 3 prong duo tang folder.

Supplies: Students are responsible for their own supplies. The teacher or school is not responsible to provide these.  Typical supplies are: 3 ring binder, 3 prong duo tang folder, dark ink pen, #2 pencils, loose-leaf paper, tissues.

Textbook: An Online textbook will be provided for all students. Some students may prefer a hardback or CD version of the text. If that is the case, the student is responsible for the maintenance of the textbook. It is loaned to you and will be collected in June. The text is useful for homework assignments and studying for tests and quizzes.  The online text provides sample review tests for each chapter.

Daily  classroom expectations:

1.       Students should be in their assigned seats before the bell rings and all school rules must be followed in the classroom.

2.       Personal business and bathroom necessities should be taken care of before class begins.  Bathroom requests during class are discouraged unless it is a medical emergency.

3. Talking to other students during teacher or student presentations is distracting and will not be tolerated. Students should not call out in class.  If a student has a question or wants to answer a question, one should raise their hand and wait be be recognized. Participation in class is definitely encouraged.

4.       Major Tests will always be assigned in advance. Absence on the day before a major test does not preclude the student from taking the test on the day given. Absence on the day of a test will result in a make-up test on the day the student returns to class.

5.       Students absent from class for whatever reason are responsible for making up missed work.

6.     Everyone’s personal property should be respected. Teachers desk and podium and other students desks and bags are OFF-LIMITS.


Past Projects:

First Quarter Project

1. Draw an 8 1/2 x 11  map of the World 2002..  National Geographic Map Machine  and/or  map of country, CIA World Fact book 2001

The map must include all current political boundaries, all major bodies of water, mountain ranges, deserts..

2. Write an  essay describing  your view of the STATE OF THE WORLD IN THE YEAR 2002.  Some ideas you might wish to include in your essay might center around such issues as the world's population, religious affiliations, racial and ethnic characterizations, life expectancy, literacy rate, major problems, and  political and economic structures. 

Archbishop Carroll High School  Online Databases,   The Spire Project: Country, US & World Geography: Maps that Teach

3. Attach a "works cited" page (bibliography).  bibliography (works cited)

Date Assigned:   September 9, 2002                                                                             Due Date: October 9, 2002 


First Quarter Project: Fourth Period Class, October, 2005- Create and deliver a Power Point presentation on an assigned African Country

. Attached to the report, include a bibliography (works cited),    map of country,   picture of the national flag, and the fact sheet. The map, flag, and any other illustrations may be computer generated.

Second Quarter Project    WORLD CITIES PROJECT

Third Quarter Project  Nation-State/Country report

Second Quarter Project    WORLD CITIES PROJECT


Third Quarter Project - 2004

Write a five (5) page report/essay on an "assigned" country.  

Attached to the report, include a bibliography (works cited),    map of country,   picture of the national flag, and the fact sheet. The map, flag, and any other illustrations may be computer generated. (another flag source)        National Geographic Map Machine        Lonely Planet Destinations

Governments on the World Wide Web         CIA World Fact Book 2002       The Spire Project: Country Profiles            E-Conflict World Encyclopedia

Archbishop John Carroll High School Library Online Databases

Don't forget there are several good print sources such as recent Almanacs, encyclopedias, etc.

Date assigned:   February 26, 2004                                                              Due Date: March 19, 2004


Develop a TRAVEL BROCHURE for your chosen city.  The brochure must be a minimum of 5 pages plus bibliography. Using your own creativity include the following: map of the city, a brief history of the city, a description of local government and laws, important sites to visit and/or events to see, where to stay, where to eat, languages spoken, religions and churches. The travelogue should also include "vital statistics" of the city such as, population, the weather in May, prices for hotels, meals, monetary unit and exchange rates, cost of roundtrip airfare from here to there, and availability of local transportation.   Pictures and other illustrations are encouraged.

Date assigned:  

Date Due: 



Fourth Quarter Project - Renaissance People

Archbishop John Carroll High School

Honors World History and World History I

Fourth Quarter Project

 Renaissance, Reformation, & Scientific Revolution Figures

 Each student is to research one of the assigned personalities and write a 4-5-page report with bibliography.  The paper should include illustrations. All students are required to deliver a power point presentation, in class, on their assigned person.

Date Assigned: April 23, 2004

Due Date: May 17, 2004




All students must maintain and keep up to date an Assignment Portfolio

   Essay Guidelines and Grading,    Article Report    Fact Sheet     Web Site Review     Discussion Guidelines

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