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All students must maintain an " PORTFOLIO".

         All written assignments are to be submitted in the  approved  PORTFOLIO. The portfolio should contain class notes, all written assignments, worksheets/Study Guides, website reviews, article reports, and whatever papers the teacher says to put in the portfolio. Assignments should be completed in ink or word processed. When a textbook assignment calls for answering questions, it is required that the question be written out in full.   A letter grade will be given for the “assignment portfolio’ toward the end of each marking quarter. The assignment portfolio will be graded according to the following guidelines:

Grading Guidelines

A.     All assignments are completed thoroughly and in depth.  Thought is given to each and every assignment.  Organized and presented in a manner which is easy to follow and read.  (A+  Shows exceptional insight.)

B.    All assignments are completed.   More depth in quality of answers needed.   Good organization.

C.    Some assignments are missing but quality of assignments completed is good.

D.    Shows some attempt to complete assignments.  Quality of work, organization and presentation needs improvement.  Some assignments are missing.

F    Many assignments are missing.  Numerical grade with explanations will be provided.

0    No attempt to complete any assignments.

 LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments and projects which are handed in late will receive a late penalty.

Letter Grade Equivalents

A+ =  97+ B+ =90 C+ = 83 D+ = 75
A   =  95 B  = 88 C   = 80 D   = 73
A-+ = 93 B- =85 C- = 78 D- = 70

Any assignment which receives an "F" will also receive a numerical equivalent with a written explanation.